PMT – Spiral Jetmill SJ50

This powder mill features an integrated classifier and newly developed Motor–Rotor–Unit. Made of high strength aluminium alloy, it can reach high circumferential speeds of up to 190 m/s. The specially developed feed control system combined with optimised nozzles saves at least 30% on the energy consumption of traditional systems. This efficiency results in a higher output per hour and these savings are passed on to our customers.


Custom built to our own specification, our micronisers allow us to create ultra fine additives, fillers and intermediates to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Table roller mills

Table roller mills are robust and time-proven mills for soft to medium-hard mineral raw materials and industrial bulk materials. Simple to adjust, they enable fast product change and we use them wherever our customers require a high degree of production flexibility such as in the toll processing of limestone, gypsum, dolomite, talc, petroleum coke, bentonite and quick lime.

Winkworth mixer

The original and still the best, Winkworth has been designing and manufacturing world-class mixers since 1924 and we are proud to have a number of their mixers to support our other toll processing equipment.

Russell Finex Screeners

These units are used to ensure that the correct product quality of our customers’ powders is achieved by removing any oversize contamination. Designed to provide high-capacities, these vibratory sieves allow us to produce a consistent, high quality product.

Mastersizer Particle Size Analyser

The Mastersizer is the world’s most popular particle sizing instrument. Incorporating expert engineering and applications know-how into every stage of its design, it delivers class-leading particle sizing performance in a compact footprint and allows us to provide our customers with fast, reliable particle size measurement in an easy to understand reporting format.

Attritor Mill

The SD Dry Grinding Attritors can be operated in both continuous and batch processing applications. In the continuous operation, the material is fed into the vessel at the top. It then migrates through the agitating media bed where it is processed to a desired particle size and is discharged through metering bar grids at the bottom of the tank. The attritor mill is a key part of our toll processing equipment.

Nu Way Burner

The Nu Way Burners are used to heat and dry powders both before and after processing.

Premier Tech Chronos Deaeration Devices

An integral part of our toll processing equipment, we use these devices to remove air from bagged product prior to sealing. Essential to the quality of our finished, packed product they improve the logistical side of our business by allowing us to pack more product per pallet in a tidy, efficient manner.

Pegasus Jaw Crushers

The jaw crusher is used for the coarse crushing of various materials.

  • Sibelco-Toll-processing-equipment-PMT-Spiral-Jetmill

    Made of high strength aluminium alloy, the classifier on the PMT – Spiral Jetmill SJ50 can reach high circumferential speeds of up to 190 m/s.

  • Sibelco-Toll-processing-equipment-integrated-classifier

    Our toll processing equipment includes the PMT – Spiral Jetmill SJ50 with integrated classifier.

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