In addition to our on site lab, we have access to Sibelco’s 26 specialist Technical Centres worldwide, each one focused on a specific application. This network shares the core technical competencies and knowledge of the Sibelco Group and brings many years experience of supplying minerals application and analysis to a wide array of industries. It carries out research and development projects and provides on site technical assistance with unsurpassed minerals expertise.

Our testing and analytical services include:

Particle size analysis

Measuring and controlling particle size distributions and understanding how they affect product and process is essential to the success of manufacturing businesses.

We routinely carry out particle size analysis across a wide range of materials and industries to help our customers understand this critical parameter in the manufacture of their products.

Our Mastersizer Particle Size Analyser uses laser diffraction to generate quick and accurate readings across a wide dynamic range from sub micron to the millimeter size range.

Chemical analysis

Understanding and ensuring the consistent chemical composition of your chosen products is invaluable in making sure the final product performs correctly. Our chemical analysis allows our customers to access detailed lab findings on sample products prior to making a final decision regarding production. It also helps to ensure final products are as specified and is a fundamental part of our quality control procedure.


Rheology is the science that studies how materials deform and flow under the influence of external forces. It is an important factor in product development, processing and quality control. Understanding the flow properties and the interaction of various ingredients within complex formulations can help to explain why certain products behave the way they do and can prove instructive in the formulation of new and improved products. Tiny amounts of rheological additives or thickeners can significantly change the flow properties of complex formulations and we work closely with our customers to help them understand how small changes to their formulations can enhance product performance and profitability.

Surface area analysis

Measurements of particle surface area are essential for determining surface properties such as adsorption and catalytic reactivity. The most common method of determining surface area is the BET (Brunnaure, Emmet, Teller) method, which uses the amount of nitrogen adsorbed onto a powder sample to determine the total particle surface area and the specific surface area (area per unit mass) of the sample.

Raw brightness

Particle size and brightness are significant attributes that can determine a powder products value. The brightness is a measure of the amount of light the product reflects back. The higher the reflective characteristics and the smaller the particle size, the greater the number of uses it has.

For example kaolin minerals have traditionally been the raw materials used in the ceramic industry, especially in fine porcelains. Large quantities of kaolin are used in paper coating, filler, paint, plastics, fibreglass, catalysts, and other specialty applications. It is also used as a key ingredient in natural pesticides that are suitable for organic farming applications.

XRF analysis

X-ray fluorescence analysis works by exposing the sample to be measured to a beam of primary X-rays.

The atoms of the sample absorb energy from the X-rays, become temporarily excited and then emit secondary X-rays. Each chemical element emits X-rays at a unique energy. By measuring the intensity and characteristic energy of the emitted X-rays, an XRF analysis can provide qualitative and quantitative data regarding the thickness and composition of the material being tested. It also helps us to ensure that quality goals are being met and that the materials produced conform to our customers’ specifications.

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    Designed to improve our customers’ performance and profitability, we offer a comprehensive range of expert testing and analytical services.

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    Designed to improve our customers’ performance and profitability, we offer a comprehensive range of expert testing and analytical services.

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    Designed to improve our customers’ performance and profitability, we offer a comprehensive range of expert testing and analytical services.

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