Now with over 40 years experience in toll processing, we are proud of our position as one of Europe’s largest processors of chemical and mineral based products in the area of particle size modification.

Many years of experience and investment have helped us develop a number of innovative toll processing techniques but the main reason for our success is our belief in building excellent customer relationships.

With this in mind, our approach to toll processing is to offer a highly customised and personal service. This provides customers with the reassurance that every element of the service they buy from us will be delivered exactly as they require, helping them to meet their own business commitments profitably and efficiently.

From analytical services and initial pilot testing through to full production, storage, packaging, distribution and right on time delivery, we are perfectly positioned to fulfil your toll processing requirements.

To find out how Sibelco Toll Processing can add value to your toll processing requirements, please contact us using the form below or call us on 01629 540373.

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  • Sibelco-Approach-to-Toll-Processing-analytical-services

    Our expert analytical services are a key part of our approach to toll processing.

  • Sibelco-Approach-to-Toll-Processing-Pilot-Testing

    Our pilot testing service allows our customers to establish whether their proposed formulation is viable.

  • Sibelco-Approach-to-Toll-Processing-packaging

    We are proud of our expert approach to toll processing and this extends to our careful packaging and labelling of our customers’ products.

  • Sibelco-Approach-to-Toll-Processing-Distribution

    As part of a global organisation, our logistics expertise ensures that our customers’ products are delivered on time, every time.

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